18 November 2016
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Thank you to everyone who has been subscribing to the Maharishi Veda app. With this tremendous support we have had the resources to improve the app’s functionality and offerings.
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Thank you also for the kind emails many of you have sent. It is rewarding to hear how Maharishi’s gift of the Vedic wisdom of sound, played through Maharishi Veda app, is bringing benefits to you at home, in your work place, and when you travel.

We ask that you encourage your friends and family to enjoy and experience the benefits of the Maharishi Veda app. Each subscription also helps support the Maharishi Vedic Pandit program to create world peace.

We wanted to share with you a quote from Maharishi (below) on the value of listening to Gandharva music.

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Jai Guru Dev

Raja Harris and the Maharishi Veda App team

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Maharishi speaking about Gandharva music

“Gandharva music is a must today in this generation, when people are fighting and creating trouble for others. With all the problems in the international and national world, Gandharva music is a must for everyone . . .

“We want the melodies to be played everywhere. Then, wherever it is morning around the globe, morning Gandharva music is being played. Wherever it is ten o’clock around the world, Gandharva music for that time of day is being played, and likewise at twelve o’clock, in the afternoon, and in the evening—all the time Gandharva music is being played. It gives me very great delight to say that whether someone listens to that music or not, if those reverberations are created in the atmosphere, a harmonizing influence will prevail and imbalances will become balanced. This is the value of Gandharva music . . .”

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
    23 May 2004
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