Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation
5 October 2013

Dear Friends,

Thank you!

The sublime, sweet feeling here in the Brahmasthan following the monsoon season mirrors the rising wave of good news in Maharishi&rsqu;s vital Vedic Pandit project. There is much to report about that – which I will do soon in subsequent newsletters.

But what prompted this note today is the tremendous feeling of thanks and appreciation that Girish Ji, Arlene, Lauren and I – and the entire Pandit support team – are feeling.

With almost no notice, donors from 40 countries resolved that donations to their National Yagyas be re-directed for calming down the grave situation in Syria. Instead of the imminent bombings, national enmities and power-oriented rivalries, we have seen surprising multi-national agreements on very complicated issues including inspections and refugee care. What seemed impossible, now appears logical and even, we hope, inevitable.

We so appreciate the guiding role that Maharaja is playing for this project and his immediate attention and endorsement of the National Yagya plan for Syria. We thank every kind and generous donor who helped to alter the course of this crisis. We thank all our dear national Ambassadors and the Ambassador Resource Office who diligently shepherded this project through. We thank the caring Yagya offices in India, Europe and America who with great flexibility and purpose arranged the National Yagyas and the many Movement leaders, including the RajRajeshwari for Syria, for their keen focus and attention to supporting this in every way. And, most of all, we thank Maharishi who gave us the knowledge of these peace technologies and the systems to have them implemented.

Yes, there is much more to be done – for Syria, the Middle East, and the whole world. We are building towards first 9,000 Maharishi Vedic Pandits here at the Brahmasthan of India. With the continuing attention of all of us together, we can accomplish that goal and create a silent global administration, preventing problems and enlivening harmony worldwide.

Thank you to everyone who supports this most noble project in whatever way and to whatever level you can.

And, as always, please send your comments and suggestions.

With best wishes,

Jai Guru Dev

Raja Harris, Arlene and RR Lauren Kaplan


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