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12 January 2015

Dear Friends,

Arlene and I wanted to let you know how wonderful the experiences have been for those taking advantage of the Special Yagya programme, which was launched just one year ago. In case you are not yet familiar with this programme, these Yagyas are done to bring the blessings of Nature to special occasions in life such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, weddings and the birth of a child.

Every week we are thrilled to receive feedback from the Special Yagya recipients who report nourishing and blissful experiences during the Yagyas and success afterwards. A nice surprise has been to see how many people have ordered Special Yagyas for their families including children, parents or grandchildren, who, in many cases, are not (yet) meditators.

Course Participant

Here is an experience from a Birthday Yagya recipient:

When I woke up early on the morning of my birthday, I felt an unusual lightness in my body and all around me. Everything in the room, including me, was made up of this all-pervading fine white light, which I could see and feel. The most remarkable thing about this lightness was not on the visual or physical level, but rather on the feeling level. I was feeling a sense of ease that was beyond any level of ease imaginable. I was experiencing the Self—pure ease—in a very palpable way. I was free from all cares and concerns. I was separate from the small self with all its complications, and yet knew the small self was part of the big Self which was me. It was as if I was looking at the small self, knowing it was both separate from and part of my Self.

Obviously, I plan to have a birthday Yagya every year.


Ordering a Special Yagya is easy – you need only your birth date, time and city of birth. Our Maharishi Special Yagya international team is available seven days a week to answer any questions by email ( And your donation for a Special Yagya supports the Maharishi Vedic Pandits at the Brahmasthan of India.

You can find more details at where Special Yagyas are ordered.

All the very best,

Jai Guru Dev

Raja Harris, Arlene and RR Lauren Kaplan


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