Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation
6 April 2014

Dear Friends,

One of the highlights of being at the Brahmasthan of India is witnessing the depth of purity, purposefulness and sweetness of the young Pandits in training.

                            Young Pandits book cover

We wanted to somehow capture that feeling and share it with you; and so Arlene created a new print book and also eBook Young Maharishi Vedic Pandits.

These books feature beautiful photographs of the young Pandits with a brief description of their training. The eBook also includes two slideshows and three short videos that can play on iPhones, iPads and Macs (only with the new Maverick operating system).

Please click on the picture below to enjoy a two-minute slideshow from the eBook.

                            Young Maharishi Vedic Pandit slideshow

                      To purchase the print book or eBook please click the link below.


Young Maharishi Vedic Pandits

                            Young Pandits book cover

Print book 12" x 12" (30 cm x 30 cm) or 7" x 7" (18cm x 18 cm)  eBook with slideshows and videos


Please go to to purchase.


On the purchase page, please scroll down to find the choices of print book and eBook.


We hope you will enjoy this glimpse of the young Maharishi Vedic Pandits. Their growing numbers and their profound dedication to Maharishi's training are a deep inspiration to all those who see and hear them.

With best wishes,

Jai Guru Dev

Raja Harris, Arlene and RR Lauren Kaplan

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