Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation
18 December 2013

Dear Friends,

As the year draws to a close, the Brahmananda Saraswati Trust/Foundation team has been reviewing all of the activity and progress over the past 12 months. We have been deeply struck again by the wonderfully gracious and generous contributions that each of you has provided for this most vital of Maharishi’s programs for peace.

Here are a few of the highlights over the past year:


The National Yagya program is now averaging $429,000 per month. That program, from a zero start, has become the backbone of monthly support for the Pandits in India and, from American donors, for the Pandits in Iowa as well.


210 Ambassadors of the Vedic Pandits in 80 countries are working as volunteers to help raise donations. These Ambassadors have inspired contributions from 4,000+ separate donors in over 100 countries and currently over 2,000 of these have become vital regular monthly donors.

National Yagyas

The Pandits have now done over 3,000 separate National Yagyas which have brought greater support of Nature to 77 nations.


The whole world is enjoying the blessings of the daily performance of Atirudrabhishek by 1,331 Pandits, which is largely due to the incredible generosity of seven remarkable donors from the US, Canada, Europe, Thailand and India. We have just celebrated the first anniversary of its start.

Sidha Baba Campus

Twenty new buildings with housing for over 300 Maharishi Vedic Pandits has been completed at the Brahmasthan campus. We are now finishing three other Pandit buildings at the Brahmasthan each with housing for 48 Pandits.

Bijauri buildings

We are in the middle of our third highly successful season of residence courses here at the Brahmasthan. In the first three seasons, including the current one, we have hosted 1,350 guests from 61 countries and given them what virtually everyone describes as among the most profound experiences of their lives. In addition, 109 Purusha from 21 countries have also been here contributing to the sublime atmosphere.

We have assembled a highly capable marketing, administrative and finance team to help properly manage all our efforts, with the important controls and report systems in place for a significant charitable organization.

And looking ahead, on January 12, 2014 we are officially launching three new important initiatives that include:

  • A new and affordable Special Yagya program (including yagyas for birthdays)

  • A 1% for World Peace campaign for businesses to contribute a percentage of their revenues perpetually to the Pandits. Already businesses from five countries have signed up.

  • A New App for mobile devices with Maharishi Gandharva Ved, Pandit recitation and other delightful offerings.

Every day here it truly feels as if we take a step closer to our goal. For this, there is nothing more important than the regular monthly support of our dear donors from around the world, each of whom has taken to heart Maharishi’s plan for peace for the world.

At the cusp of a new year, we want to deeply thank all donors for your care for this program. And we feel heartened and emboldened to ask all of you to start or continue your support for the coming year, and for our regular donors, if comfortably possible, to increase your monthly contribution.

With very best wishes,

Jai Guru Dev

Raja Harris, Arlene and Lauren Kaplan
on behalf of the whole Pandit program, including

Brahmachari Dr. Girish Chandra Varma ji and the team in India;

Mona Causemann-Kaegi, Susie Swan, Beverly Merson, Colleen Rosania, Katja Stolle, Eva Causemann, and the Ambassador Resource team;

Dr. Neil Paterson, Eloise Raymond, Stan and Sandy Crowe, Britt Roberts and the Development Office team;

Larry Chroman, Jeannie Rose, Patricia Barreto, Kees van den Bremer and the global planning and finance team


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