Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation
2 April 2013


Dear Friends,

Recently we have been developing our Facebook page to let people know about our courses at the Brahmasthan and to build awareness about the Maharishi Vedic Pandit project.

We are regularly posting beautiful pictures, slideshows and videos of the Pandits at the Brahmasthan of India along with some quotes of Maharishi.

Here's an enchanting slideshow that was just posted. It has beautiful portraits of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits at the Brahmasthan of India. The recitation in the background is of 1,331 Pandits chanting at the end of Ati Rudrabhishek.

MVP slideshow

The response has been very heartening: Facebook administrator data shows that 11,000 to 54,000 people have seen each of the recent posts. In the seven days from 23 to 29 March, 96,801 people saw our posts.

It has been a delight to read everyone's comments of appreciation. We warmly invite you to enjoy the Maharishi Vedic Pandit Facebook page and to share it with your friends.

Please let us know how you like it.

The link for the Maharishi Vedic Pandit Facebook page is

Jai Guru Dev

Raja Harris and Arlene Kaplan


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