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10  October 2012

Dear Friends,

On the morning of October 20th at the Brahmasthan of India, we will begin the daily performance of AtiRudrabhishek – 1,331 Maharishi Vedic Pandits together performing that supreme Yagya for the establishment of peace, affluence and dharma for the world. Six noble and blessed donors from around the world have donated for this: one from India, one from South East Asia, one from Canada, three from the United States. Maharishi had overseen every aspect of this most auspicious Yaygya, including its most remarkable sankalpa.

1,331 Maharishi Vedic Pandits perform
AtiRudrabhishek at the Brahmasthan of India

In the last thousands of years, this AtiRudrabhishek has been achieved on a regular basis only once, in the late 1980’s, a period when the cover headline of The Economist magazine declared ‘Oh what a Peaceful World’ (July 1988).

In his final meeting with a large group of Movement leaders in the soft twilight of January 12, 2008 Maharishi called for this AtiRudrabhishek to be re-started – and continued and expanded. We have reached now a major milestone in accomplishing this; and in the history of our dear world.

Brahmachari Girish Varma, Arlene and I wanted to alert you to this great news and let you know that it is happening only because of the support that has come from our whole world family over these past years.

As one of the great six donors said to me, “I have been closely watching the increasing support, especially for the monthly donor campaign, from all around the world. My wife and I thought: if all these great souls are continuing Maharishi’s legacy how can we not join them and do the same”.

In upcoming newsletters we will continue to report on this development. Those coming to the Bijauri courses this season will have the good fortune to experience this performance for themselves.

I wanted to end this note by personally asking you to continue – and even, if possible, to increase – your support for the Pandits as best, and as comfortably, you can. And to tell your friends and family to please join you in this most important project for the world. We have started something miraculous and we appreciate more than ever your kind support to see it through to the goal: a world where turmoil and fear fold their tents and silently steal forever away.

Jai Guru Dev

Raja Harris and Arlene Kaplan

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