Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation
2 May 2012

Dear Friends,

In recent days, our Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation development team has been reviewing our activites, including our monthly donor/Maharishi National Yagya campaign. Arlene and I thought to share a few highlights with you:

Graph Graph
Graph Graph
A year-over-year comparison of March 2011 with March 2012 shows that the number of newsletter subscribers has grown 60%, the number of people enrolled for automatic monthly donations has tripled, the total amount of donations measured in USD has tripled, and the number of donors contributing to the Pandits has quadrupled.
  • Our income now reliably sustains 1,000 Vedic Pandits at $250 per month.
  • Since the launch of the National Yagya campaign at Guru Purnima (mid July) last year, our Pandits have performed 641 Yagyas, and completed a further 108 for April — over 100 in one month for the first time.
  • Our 70 Ambassadors in 58 countries are in active touch with donors and well-wishers, informing them regularly on the progress, and alerting them of the Maharishi Yagyas performed for their nation.

It is so very heartening to see this trend. Arlene and I feel such deep appreciation and respect for all our Movement family. We thank everyone who is supporting this greatest project — on behalf of our team, our dear Pandits, our great, tireless Girish Ji with his team in India and ourselves.

For this current year, the development team has set a goal to bring the numbers up to 3,500 Pandits at the Brahmasthan, enough to create the Maharishi Effect for India, and, with that added coherence, to bring the support to then allow us to get to 9,000. To achieve this decisive milestone, we need to keep the trend going, and accelerating.

I look forward to reporting progress towards this in the coming months. With your help, we can hit the target.

With best wishes,

Raja Harris, Arlene and RR Lauren Kaplan

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